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Tucked away in a Victorian basement just a few minutes away from London's King's Cross is probably not where you'd expect to see a ski factory, but that's exactly where you'll find us.

Since the very beginning, we believed that there was a better way to build skis than simply outsourcing production to large OEM factories. We knew that we could build higher-quality products right here in the UK using the finest materials available, while combining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

Our skis are produced individually, for the very people who ride them. 

Contact Us




We love to hear from you. If you want to get in touch, or have any comments of questions, drop us a line using the contact form below, or email us directly at

You can also reach us on the workshop phone line at +44 7904 945 408, either by calling or via WhatsApp Messenger. Please be aware that we are unable to receive SMS messages. 

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If you'd like to write to us or you're planning a visit, the workshop address is:

Nix Snowsport Co.

Busworks Building

39-41 North Road,


N7 9DP

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