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Our Pledge

We love nature. We believe that great performance shouldn't come at great expense to the environment.

Our entire design process is centred around the idea that we can create technically advanced, high-performance skis using sustainably sourced materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.


Ultimately our approach to sustainability is pretty straight forward; minimise the use of non-sustainable materials in our manufacturing process wherever possible, reduce the amount of waste, and increase the skis lifespan through design.

We produce each pair of skis individually for the person who will be using them. This means we only use specifically what we need, translating into a significant reduction in waste material. 

By combining more durable materials with manufacturing processes that allows for any damage to be repaired, we can extend the lifespan of each pair of skis meaning they'll last for many seasons to come. 


We use two types of sustainable wood cores in our skis and snowboards.


Our traditional cores are produced using 100% Moso bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and continually, so is vastly more sustainable than its hardwood counterparts. Luckily, it also happens to be a bombproof core material, offering an excellent balance of strength, flexibility, damping and moisture resistance. Full bamboo cores are found in most of our freeride skis. 


On our tour-specific builds we use a combination of bamboo, balsa and flax. The addition of flax within the core itself means we can use fewer reinforcement fibres, translating into a significant reduction in weight without sacrificing on vibration damping and stability when you need it the most.


All skis need fibre reinforcement to sandwich either side of the wood core. Most manufacturers use fibreglass for it's balance of performance and low cost, however we use a unique mix of carbon fibre and natural AmpliTex™ flax fibres, offering a significant step up in performance while dramatically lowering the carbon footprint of each pair of skis.

The addition of flax in our layup offers exceptional damping meaning fewer vibrations, better edge hold and reduced fatigue. Ultimately it means you can ski harder, for longer. 


The sidewalls of our skis are another area which differs from the majority of mass-production manufacturers. Instead of using plastics, we use a liquid resin sidewall which offers increased impact protection and added vibration damping.


Freeride skis and snowboards are designed to be skied all over the mountain - often in less-than-perfect conditions - and sometimes impact damage is unavoidable. On top of the performance gains, our liquid resin sidewalls can be seamlessly repaired, making cracked sidewalls a thing of the past.


Our skis and snowboards are all made using high tensile, hardened steel. We use the thickest edge material available, offering maximum impact resistance against rocks and roots. This extra thickness also means your skis edges can be kept sharper for longer without becoming too thin, lengthening their lifespan.


All of the materials that go into our skis are bonded together using Entropy resin, a non-toxic plant-based bio-resin. By switching away from traditional epoxies, we've reduced the emissions of volatile organic compounds  (VOCs), while using fewer petrochemicals and lowering the carbon footprint for each build.


Entropy is designed specifically for ski and snowboard manufacture. It offers higher resistance to UV light which often causes traditional epoxies to yellow and become brittle, and is more durable at the low temperatures typically encountered in the mountains.

Find out more about Entropy resins at


Ultimately, skis are a tool which you use to enjoy the mountains. The mountains are unpredictable and sometimes, despite your best efforts, your skis will pick up the odd bit of damage - we like to think of them as battle scars, a patina that makes your skis even more unique. Just like any good tool though, our skis are designed to be durable but easy to fix should any damage occur, so they'll last for years to come. 

We can repair almost any damage encountered - for more info, see our Ski Servicing page

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