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At Nix, we're proud to be partnered with some fantastic other brands and companies. To find out more, check them out below! If you'd like to talk about partnering with us, drop us a line at

We're stoked to be working in collaboration with the British Snowsports Fund to help support the UK's future winter sports athletes, from nurturing those just starting to show promise, right through to those preparing for the Winter Olympics. All income generated by the Fund goes towards helping young athletes excel in their chosen discipline. By donating to the cause, you can be involved too!


You can support the British Snowsports Fund by following the link below.

Another British brand that we're stoked to be affiliated with is Butta. If you've ever waxed your skis or snowboard, there's a good chance you've used one of their products. They're committed to providing the highest quality, low-flouro carbon waxes out there, while slashing their carbon footprint and saving the planet! 

Every pair of skis and snowboard that we build is finished to perfection with Butta's carbon wax, giving super fast performance, while sticking to our green roots. Click on the logo to check them out! 

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