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Scroll down to see what tech goes into each pair of custom skis or snowboard that we build.

We use 100% FSC-certified bamboo for all of our cores, giving them unparalleled strength and pop, while keeping weight down.

Every pair of skis and snowboard we build features full-wrap, hardened steel edges for maximum durability and protection against impact. 

Our skis and snowboards our built using specially-designed multi axial carbon fibre reinforcement for the ultimate strength and torsional stiffness, while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Our bases are made using the fastest and most durable high-carbon UHMW. It's the same material found on World Cup race skis meaning our skis have the fastest glide on the mountain, with super high impact resistance against core shots.

Each pair of skis or snowboard is built using a non toxic, plant-based bio resin which offers big performance gains over traditional resins, while being kinder to Mother Earth. We'd call that common sense! 

Our Progressive 3D sidecut profile blends multiple radii at the tip, tail and waist, for the perfect blend of versatility, stability and power through the turns.

Our ShadowCut sidecut profile takes our 3D progressive sidecut and mirrors it, giving our more freestyle-orientated skis and snowboards extra stability whether riding forward or switch. 

Our all-terrain AttackRocker profile, found on our freestyle skis, combines early rise rocker and generous tip-splay for the perfect blend of versatility and all-mountain performance.

Our PowRocker is aimed squarely at the softer stuff. The elliptical rocker shape encourages the tips to plane smoothly in deep powder, and to blast through cruddy snow for maximum stability and confidence in the backcountry.

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